Principal schemes of water movement

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  • Currently, different objects apply the natural and forced circuit for the device of the heating system. The types differ according to the method of circulation of the coolant. So, in the natural scheme of it is moving through pipelines due to the difference of density of hot and cold water. The heated coolant is lighter than cold. Hot water passes through the boiler, as if squeezed out the already cooled liquid. While the device of such a scheme is necessary to observe the required slope for pipelines having a large diameter because it helps reduce the hydraulic resistance.
  • In the forced system there is always a circulation pump. This is the main difference. Its application allows you to create heating in homes when you use pipes, which have a smaller diameter. The pump increases the efficiency of heat emission, but it is not conducive to the lifting of the fluid at any height. Due to it is overcome the hydraulic resistance generated in the pipelines.

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