• Largely on the cost of heating affects the complexity of installation.
  • Regardless, installation should only be performed by professionals because it is primarily associated with the safety of people.
  • Electric, gas or diesel equipment must be always properly installed.
  • If this requirement is not met, then during operation there may be irreversible consequences.
  • Even during the installation of conventional radiators and responsibly approach to such processes, especially when the work is carried out in multi-storey buildings.
  • In case of coolant leakage often have to pay damages to the injured party, which is located on the floor below.

Тепло и вода в каждый дом навсегда!

Профессиональное водоснабжени дома от колодца и скважины, устройство автономного отопления для загородного дома, автоматизация комплексного управления систем водоснабжения и отопления. Готовы предложить выполнение работ и поставку оборудования в кредит.